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19 November 2008 @ 05:32 pm
Fic I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)  
Title: I Like A Boy In Uniform (School Uniform)
Author: miniminkie
Pairing: RPS Colin Morgan and Bradley James
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Cross Dressing
Disclaimer: This never happened, this isn't real no money is being made. Its all in my head
A/N: Colin Morgan dressed as a school girl I don't know my heads is a freaky place to be right now. Unbeta’d all mistake are mine and mine alone. This is for aleathiel and innovativecheat who both gave me the kick up the bum I needed to go one. Thank you

“I’m not coming out” he shouted his voice slightly muted by the thickness of the door and loud music playing down stairs.

“Come on it’s a fancy dress party everyone looks a little” he stopped trying to find the right word “Different” he said chewing on his lip trying to suppress a giggle.

“Why did I let you talk me into this?” Colin whispered opening the door just a crack poking his head out just enough to see his blond friend smiling. “It’s alright for you” he said looking at the costume his friend had picked. A dashing and rather smooth James Bond while he, he looked like a fool.

“Come out and let me see” with a rather vigorous shake of his head the dark haired man slammed the door “Colin come on it took me ages to find that outfit, its not like they make that kind of thing in your size”

“You come in!” he said “because there’s no way in hell I’m coming out there” he said opening the door once more just enough for him to come in. Sighing Bradley rolled his eyes as he stepped in to the room.

The door shut behind him and turning around he saw his friend now standing against the door in what could only be described as a come fuck me pose. Bradley swallowed hard looking at his friend, all the blood in his body headed south. Before him stood his tall and lanky friend only gone was all reminders he was in fact male.

Make up done to perfection and a wig pulled into pig tails giving him an innocent look, tearing his eyes from his face he noticed the white blouse was almost busting open his chest was gone in its place was a rather large pair of breast “How?” he asked

“Chicken fillet things” Colin replied Bradley nodded and carried on his visual assault. If the short plaid skirt wasn’t enough the then knee high white socks were too much it pushed him over the edge. He felt himself strain against his pants he had to get out of there before he did something stupid. “See I look like an idiot!” Colin said unaware of the affect he was having on his friend.

“You look” Bradley looked at him once more watching as he flung himself on the bed, with this act the skirt flew up and he couldn’t help but notice he was wearing white panties. “Hot” Colin sat up and cocked an eyebrow and grinned.

“Hot?” he sat up resting his weight on his elbows, almost without noticing he pushed his chest out. Shoulders back breast out Colin smiled with such innocents that Bradley almost forgot how to breathe for a second. Gasping for breath, he watched as his friend spread his legs slightly allowing him a perfect view of his white knickers, “something wrong?”

“You’re a tease you do know that don’t you?” Colin shrugged stretching his leg out allowing his foot to just touch Bradley’s fly “Don’t” he grabbed his friends ankle. “If I didn’t know better I’d say that this is the real reason you got me in here.

“You think I’d do that?” he asked in mock horror as Bradley let his ankle go and stepping between his legs “I’m not only hurt” he smiled hooking his ankles behind his back “I’m disappointed you think so little of me” with that he pulled Bradley down on top of him.

With a smile, he leaned forward allowing his lips to ghost over his friends before pulling away. A small moan escaped Bradley’s lips as he was denied the kiss “tease” he said moving in this time and kissing him hard. The heated kiss was almost too much as Colin bucked against him. Both groaned as the kiss ended much too soon for either’s liking.

“We agreed this wouldn’t happen again,” Colin breathed trying to make his sense of the situation.

“We agreed this wouldn’t happen again at work” Bradley tried to reason Colin smiled and nodded as Bradley’s hand ran up his leg over his covered skin until it touched his thigh biting his lip as it roamed higher Colin moaned lightly when Bradley removed his hand “Did you shave your legs?”

“No I waxed them…well not me as such I had help,” he laughed as Bradley cocked an eyebrow in disbelief “You wanna closer look?” he asked shifting beneath him. Shifting further up the bed away from him Colin teased him hiking up his skirt up just enough to show him some skin before hiding it again.

“Enough” Bradley almost shouted pouncing on his friend and lover allowing his own growing erection brush against his “Feel what you’ve done?” Colin nodded reaching between them pressing his palm against the heat that radiated from his lover “I’m not kidding” he groaned grinding into the hand that now undid the button “I want this” he wasn’t making sense but he didn’t care anymore.

“I want you” Colin said in return as unzipped his pants “I want this” he reached inside smiling to himself as he released his lover his pants making a mental note that Bradley wasn’t wearing underwear. “Fuck me?” he asked his look was almost pleading.

He didn’t need to be asked twice as he hooked his fingers under the elastic of the knickers he was wearing, “Where did you get these?” he whispered as Colin wiggled beneath him freeing himself from the knickers.

“Do you really want shopping advice at a moment like this?” he asked as they fell forgotten next to him.

“I need to know for next time I dress you up” Colin reached between them and swiped his thumb over the weeping head of Bradley’s angry looking cock “God” he groaned forgetting everything but the touch that was now teasing him. “Lube” Bradley half said and half groaned as Colin wrapped his hand around him and slowly began fisting him.

“Top draw” Colin breathed as Bradley moved from his reach and opened the top draw as directed, while free from his reach Colin reached for the zipper on the skirt.

“What are you doing?” Bradley questioned and as soon as he heard, the words he stopped “Leave it on” Bradley smiled moving back to him dropping the lube on the bed beside him as he ripped open the condom wrapper “Please” Colin nodded as he watched as with speed and ease Bradley put on the condom. Before leaving forward “I want to fuck you like this” he smiled spreading Colin’s legs just enough to slide between them.

Reaching across Colin flipped the lid of the lube before reaching for his lovers hand, he could count the amount of times he had sex with a man on one hand and every single one of them had been with Bradley. He knew how this worked now gone were the embarrassed apologies now they had this down they could do this with their eyes closed. Not that they would, Colin like to watch Bradley as he gave into himself and let go.

“I’m not sure I can last” Colin admitted as he ached his body off the bed allowing Bradley the accessed he required, he found himself groaning at the feeling of the rough plaid skirt brushing against his aching cock “Please” he begged feeling the heavenly feeling of Bradley teasing his entrance.

Begging was something that didn’t come easy to Colin so as Bradley leaned forwards pressing his lips to his own he knew what was coming. His moan was swallowed by Bradley kiss as with one fluid movement Bradley buried himself deep within the man who he called his friend and lover.

Moving a hand between them Bradley wrapped his fingers around Colin allowing his thumb to apply just enough pressure against the weeping head to make him moan and buck against him. “Move” Colin begged slowly Bradley followed his order moving setting a pace.

With every thrust he made he fisted Colin’s cock as the dark haired man whimpered and moaned beneath him. The sounds were enough to send Bradley over the edge alone, arching against him Colin dug his nails in to Bradley’s shoulders “Fuck since when did you have long nails?” Bradley moaned

“They’re fake and I only have one hand done” as much as he wanted to ask he knew now was hardly the time. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help himself.

“Why” he grunted out slamming into him once more.

“I couldn’t figure out how to do the other hand with this hand done” he raised off the bed to meet his lover’s movement. Bradley nodded as if to show he understood “THERE” Colin suddenly screamed as with one thrust Bradley hit the spot he hadn’t believed could bring such pleasure until they’d met.

“Here?” Bradley teased repeating the movement making his lovers body shake “Hold on” he grunted as Colin’s eyes shut “I’m nearly there” he was lost Colin bucked upwards into his hand and opened his mouth in a silent scream as his muscles tighten around Bradley and he felt the white heat leave his body. “Oh Fuck!” Bradley followed with seconds collapsing on top of the dark haired man.

“Colin?” Bradley finally spoke after a minute or so Colin just grunted in reply “Who helped you wax your legs?” Colin laughed kissing the top of Bradley’s head.

“I’ll tell you if we can keep this outfit” He replied with a smile.
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ladygwainladygwain on November 20th, 2008 12:42 pm (UTC)
Yay I finaly read this part!!!! This is pure and uteer WIN!!!! am off for a ice shower now!!!!!